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A Memphis Musician  
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Jim Mills CD reviews ~ Jim

Jim has been playing music all his life.

Early on, singing in church on Sunday, or as a teenager emulating his favorite rock stars on Saturday night.

Jim is a creative songwriter with an inviting delivery. His influences include: Kenny Loggins; Dan Fogelberg; Jackson Browne; Lyle Lovett; Jimmy Buffett; Bonnie Raitt; Eric Clapton; Lucinda Williams; Paul Thorn; and Van Morrison, just to name a few.

Jim's repertoire includes tunes from other artists, that you will hear very few other performers do such as: "Just Dropped In"; "Natures Way"; "Into the Mystic" and "These Days".

He also has a variety of original songs ranging from soft ballads, including: "One of a Kind Girl", or "Pursuit of Happiness"; to country songs like: "Kill Me Country"; and "Happy at Home". Blues tunes ranging from "Radio Wasteland" and "Holdin' the Bag" to down-right-rockers such as: "Notel Motel"; "Danny and the Big Dogs"; "Head Huntin' Pygmies"; or "Good Medicine".

These songs, his dynamic vocal presentation, and an easy rapport with the audience sets Jim Mills apart from the average entertainer.

You might see Jim with a band of the finest musicians, or performing solo. Either way, when you experience a Jim Mills performance, time will slip away.