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I Want A Woman Who Can Mow
I Want A Woman Who Can Mow
Jim Mills

This CD consists of 12 songs I have been playing live for years, along with some new songs. There were a total of 17 songs to choose from. I had to make some tough choices to pick the songs that made it.

I got a great start on the CD, in Nashville, at the Power Diamond Studio. Through the course of events, the studio closed and Jim and Matt Casey (the owners and engineers) moved to Nebraska. That left me looking for a place to finish the CD. All the rhythm tracks (bass, drums, piano, scratch guitar and vocal) were completed when all this happened. I started in Memphis, looked in Little Rock, and ended up in Fayetteville, Arkansas at Crisp Recording. Darren Crisp had everything we needed to switch the tracks from the format we used in Nashville (ADAT) to the system Darren had in Fayetteville (Pro-Tools). Most studios were not too anxious to work on a project that was started elsewhere. That, along with the fact that most of the musicians I wanted to use on the CD lived in Fayetteville, made this was my best option. As it turned out, Darren was a Godsend. He brought to the table, a positive energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge…not to mention the best equipment I have ever recorded on. His mixing and mastering went far beyond any expectations I had about the sound of the project. He has set a new standard for the quality I want from now on. Thank you Darren.

My good friend, Tom Hibdon, did all the photos for the CD. David Tucker did “his thing” on the design and graphics for the cover. I honestly think the cover will catch people’s attention, and hopefully, entice them to buy a copy. Well-done guys!

This CD is the essence of what I do live. Some may find a couple of the songs somewhat offensive, due to a few words of profanity. Please bear in mind that I am playing in bars with adult audiences who generally find this humorous. However, some may be offended. To you, I apologize. This is intended to be funny and lighthearted, and should be taken as it was meant to be, tongue and cheek. I am sincere about what I do, and at the same time realize that songs don’t always have to be so serious. I want to make people laugh, have a good time, and show my earnest side.

I am very proud of this project and hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends. I want people to enjoy this CD for years to come.

Jim Mills


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First @ Last
Jim Mills
Midnight Sun

Now I know y'all know who Jim Mills is, so I won't go into all the sordid details of his defection to Memphis (as in Tennessee) and the first family of Memphis music, the Phillips clan. At least he hasn't completely turned his back on Arkansas; he sends us his records.... Seriously, he is a hell of a songwriter and the mastery of Sam, Knox, and Jerry Phillips, legends themselves, comes through on this recording. Another old Arkie friend, Mack Harness, co-wrote the rockin' "G.T.T." and a soulful country
ballad called "Pursuit of Happiness" - funny, I always thought of Mack as more of a blues rocker. Jerry Phillips is listed as co-writer with Jim on fully half of the sixteen tunes on this album and adds guitar and backing vocals on most cuts. Adding to the Arkansas connection are Earl Cate, Ron Eoff, and the late Porky Hill on a clever little track called "Head Huntin' Pygmies." Becky Phillips is listed as a co-writer on one song and Teresa Phillips adds backup vocal work on several tracks to make it a true family effort. We miss you down here in Razorback land, Jim, and contrary to those rumors you may have heard, you can come back any ol' time you want.

Peter Read

Night flying Magazine

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  My Song list    
American Pie
As The Raven Flies
Bartenders Blues
Black Widow Eyes
Brown Eyed Girl
Call It Music
City Of New Orleans
Coast of Marseilles
Come Monday
Comes A Time
Cross My Heart
Dance With Me
Danny and the Big Dogs
Danny's Song
Deep River Blues
Diamond And the Rose
Dock Of the Bay
Dogs Life
Down The Road
Feel Like Dancin'
Free Samples
Friend Of the Devil
Garbage Man
Good Medicine
Good Time Charlie
Happy At Home
Have a Little Faith
Have I Told You Lately
Head Huntin' Pygmies
Heart Of Gold
Helplessly Hoping
Holdin' the Bag
Holiday Hotel
Honey Sugar
I Wish I Were A-Millionaire
If I Had A Boat
In My Life
Into The Mystic
Jealous Man
Joanie The Jehovah-Witness Stripper
John Lennon
Just Dropped In
Just Got Back From Babes
Just The Two Of Us
Kill Me Country
Leader of the Band
Let It Be
Long Tail Cat
Love Will Keep Us Alive
Merry Christmas
Miss you so Badly
Money For Nothing
Moon Dance
Mountain Of Trouble
My Babies Gone
My Girl
N E Texas Women
Natures Way
No One But You
No Tears In Heaven
Not Drinking Enough
Notel Motel (Rt 69)
Ole Man Triffler
One Of a Kind Girl
Painted Lady
Part of the Plan
Pirate Looks at Forty
Proud Man
Pursuit Of Happiness

Radio Wasteland
Ready Or Not
Roots of My Raisin'
Same Kinda Crazy
Saturday Night
She's No Lady
Something New (Under The Sun)
Son Of A sailor
South City Midnight Lady
Space In Time
Spider John
Starry Starry Night
Sweet Baby James
Sweet Mary Ellen
Switchin' Sides
Take It Easy
Teach Your Children
Tell Me Why
Tennessee River
Texas Bitch
Thank You
The Boxer
The Night they drove Ole Dixie Down
The Weight
These Days
Too Much
Tulsa Time
Two Dogs In Heat
Want or a Need
What's Forever For
Whup Somebody's Ass
Wild World
Winnie the Pooh